Our Impact

To be dedicated to our work, is to be dedicated to our community

As the largest provider of comprehensive domestic abuse services in south King County, we offer an immediate refuge from violence, expert guidance so survivors can set goals and solve problems to find a permanent escape from danger, and hope for families to build a new future.
DAWN Community Impact King County

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Serving Our Clients

DAWN believes that the people who come to us for help deserve to chart their own course for the future, so we do everything possible to guide them toward success. Our advocates don’t judge, scold or dictate. We respect each survivor’s unique strengths and individual experiences, DAWN operates on a survivor-based empowerment model.

No barrier is too high for DAWN to serve someone in need. We have the expertise, patience and conviction to work with people affected by violence who do not speak English, who have mental health or substance abuse issues or whose devastating experiences with violence cause them to act out in angry or disruptive ways.

Our advocates and staff are trained in the neurobiological effects of chronic stress and trauma. This “trauma-informed” approach to our work increases our effectiveness in helping people safely leave abusive situations and find the emotional and tangible support they need to maintain their resolve.