Community Awareness

Training and outreach for education and awareness

Basic DV Trainings: DAWN provides trainings on Intimate Domestic Violence, prevention, and resource navigation for organizations and the community. Please contact us If you would like to get basic training to your staff. We can also provide longer and more specialized trainings based on needs of your staff.

Tabling and Outreach: If you have an upcoming tabling event and would like for DAWN to participate, DAWN seeks opportunities to join tabling events to share information about Domestic Violence and DAWN services to the public.

Domestic Violence Institute (DVI) Training: This 24-hour course, meeting WAC 338-61A-1080 requirements, educates the community and professionals on advocacy, collaborating with law enforcement and legislators for policy change, offered quarterly with limited spots. This is imparted in a hybrid modality with 2 sessions in person and six sessions online.

If you are interested in partnering with DAWN for trainings for staff or your clients please contact our Advocacy Services Director, Elba

Register for our next DVI from June 26 oto July 23rd 2024 here.

Community Awareness


What is the time commitment to complete DVI and what is the cost?

The cost of the event is $350 per person. For groups larger than 10 we can also provide discounts. DVI lessons are held from 4 pm – 7 pm every Tuesday and Thursday for a month.

Is DVI offered virtually?

DVI is offered in a hybrid setting, The first lesson and final lesson are held in-person, all other lessons are held virtually.

Does DAWN charge for other trainings?

If you need a one time training that will last 2 hours or less (+1hr for preparation) DAWN does this for free.

If you are looking for multi-sessions on different aspects of advocacy, we can coordinate with you about needs and negotiate fees for training services.