24-Hr Advocacy & Support Line

You are NOT ALONE. We are here to help you. Call today.



Our trained advocates are available to answer calls 24-hours a day to provide information and resources, safety planning, support, or to connect survivors to advocacy services.

We have access to interpreters via phone for those who do not speak English. If you need an interpreter, please say “interpreter” and what language you speak. The advocate will call you back with an interpreter as soon as we can connect with one.
If you get into our voicemail, it meas that the advocate is speaking with another caller. Please leave a message letting us know if it is safe to return your call. If you do not state if it’s ok to call you back, the advocate will try to call back twice but WILL NOT leave a voicemail.
24-hr Advocacy & Support Line


Can I really call without being judged?

Yes, our advocates are trained in trauma-informed care and the survivor centered empowerment model. Advocates will work with survivors at any point, if survivor is deciding to leave, has just left or left years ago and feels the need to get support regarding a Domestic Violence situation.

I left a voicemail but did not mention it was ok (or safe) to call me back?

An advocate will still attempt to call you twice, if you do not answer we will not leave a message as we do not know if someone else may have access to your phone and might put you in a dangerous situation.

What if I am experiencing violence by someone who I have never considered an intimate partner or romantically involved with?

DAWN provides services to survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. If you are experiencing violence from someone who is not related to you, or has never been romantically involved with you, please call the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KSCARC).

KCSARC - Sexual Assault 24/7 Support Line: 888-998-6423

Can I also leave a message on your social media?

We do not monitor social media at the same frequency as our Advocacy and Support Line. While we will contact anyone who reaches for help by any means, the best and fastest way to do so is calling our Crisis Line.