Mobile Community Advocacy

Helping navigate systems, providing resources, and creating safety plans

Domestic Violence Community Advocates in King County provide comprehensive support to survivors of domestic violence, including crisis intervention, safety planning, and emotional support. They connect clients with essential resources such as emergency shelter, healthcare, support groups and legal assistance.

Mobile advocates assist clients in navigating systems and providing resources and referrals. We can meet virtually, in person at our office, or in the field so to speak, library, park, coffee shop. If you are in South King County, including White Center, Renton, and areas further south, please contact the Advocacy and Support Line to connect with an advocate.

Our advocates can help you create and customize your own safety plan, navigating rental assistance, help fleeing, access the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) among other things. A community advocate can provide you with information and resources so you make informed decisions about how you need to handle your relationship so you can be safe.
Help Line 650


Do I have to pay for your services?

No, DAWN services are offered for free and are confidential to survivors of Intimate Partner Violence in South King County.

Do you help only women?

No, we provide services to survivors in South King County who express they need help with DV no matter their gender or background.

How do I connect with a DV Community Advocate

Please contact our crisis line 425-656-7867 and tell our advocate what your priorities are. Both you and the advocate will speak about where and how you will want to start your process. The crisis line assistant will send an internal for the community advocates to call you back in 24- 48 business hours.

Can I get rental assistance or into transitional housing?

Currently DAWN does not have a rental assistance or housing program outside of our emergency shelter, however, community advocates are updated constantly about what housing options look like in King County to apply to transitional housing and other available options.

DAWN has an Emergency Confidential Shelter, since our advocates are not housing specialists, we can work with you to get you connected to housing specialist as you continue to work with your community advocate and other agencies to build a safer space for your and your loved ones.