Support Groups

Start your healing journey in a judgement free environment


DAWN offers multiple confidential support groups for our clients facilitated by mental health professionals and/or advocates. Support groups are on-going and confidential and they can be in person or virtual.


Offered throughout South King County, support groups are designed to break down barriers of isolation and provide a caring atmosphere. Support groups discuss the impacts of DV on individuals, families, and in the community and facilitate a safe space for survivors to support each other in a judgment free environment.

Inquire about childcare and transportation assistance. These services are provided when possible.
Support Groups


Do you offer virtual support groups?

Yes! DAWN offers both in-person and virtual support groups led by both MHTs and advocates. You will need to become a DAWN client to participate in support groups.

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the safety of online meetings, while we use Zoom and follow strict protocols, zoom and other programs may be vulnerable to hacking.

Are groups confidential?

We observe confidentiality within DAWN as required by RCW 18.19.180. To provide effective service, your group facilitator may discuss your case with others working in or for DAWN (i.e., DAWN’s supervisors, advocates, and/or the receptionist.)

However, no information about you is given to anyone outside of DAWN, unless:

  • We have your written permission.
  • We believe it is necessary to prevent clear and imminent danger to you or others.
  • You indicate that there is reasonable cause to believe that a child, dependent adult, or a vulnerable elderly person has been abused.
    To respect the confidentiality of other group participants, everything said within group is confidential and should not be talked about outside of group. No screenshots or photos of group are allowed. Please be sure to attend group while you are in a private space where you will not be overheard.

While group facilitators adhere to the above guidelines other group members do not have the same legal obligations to confidentiality. There is always the potential risk that group members may break confidentiality. Such breaches will be taken seriously and addressed by group facilitators on a one-on-one basis.