Rising for Renovations

Will you help us get ready to renovate?

One of DAWN’s key areas of focus is raising vital funding to support various renovation projects at shelter.

DAWNs emergency shelter operation was founded in 1993 and has since gone on to house thousands of domestic violence survivors and their families offering a safe place to land and start rebuilding their lives.

DAWN’s shelter offers not only a safe place to land but a place for them to access the resources they need through the onsite advocacy center.

Rising for Renovation is an opportunity to partner with DAWN and directly support the shelter’s renovations. Below is a breakdown of the overarching goal and summary of the proposed projects.

The goal of our renovation project is to update shelter utilizing trauma-informed design principles that carefully consider the appropriate colors, lighting, and furniture to optimize the environment’s warm, inviting and supporting ambiance.

Interested in rising for renovations? Email development@dawnrising.org for more information.

Advocacy Center Remodel Overview & Moodboard
Dawn Main Shelter Communal Space Remodel

This goal will be applied to multiple projects throughout shelter including:


Communal Kitchen Renovation

The goal of this project is to remodel the kitchen, dining hall, and shared living space of Dawn’s main shelter using principles of trauma-informed design. By creating an environment that is warm, inviting, and supportive, we aim to help residents navigate the difficult and transitional phase of their lives.


Youth Room Conversion

60% of the residents at the shelter are children under the age of 18. Currently, there is an outdated office space that DAWN would like to convert to a Youth Advocacy Room. This would give the kids a space designed with their needs and wants in mind. Cabinets for supplies, counter space for projects, comfortable furniture are all essential to promote a rich environment for kids to grow and flourish.


Bedroom Kitchenettes Additions

Although communal spaces are a wonderful way of building community, independence and autonomy are equally as important for survivors of domestic abuse. DAWN would like to add kitchenettes to every room in the shelter to give survivors additional privacy. The proposed kitchenettes include a microwave and minifridge.

Advocacy Building Refurbishment

Advocates working at our shelter play a crucial role in supporting survivors, often dealing with high-stress situations and emotional challenges. A well-designed office can significantly impact their effectiveness, well-being, and overall job satisfaction. The objective of this project is to remodel the advocacy center at our shelter to create a cohesive, inviting, and functional workspace for advocates. The following objectives detail the scope of work required to achieve these goals.