DAWN’s Capital Campaign

DAWN: Center for Peaceful Communities

Two women having a serious conversationDAWN is leading a new community conversation — one that stands for domestic peace!

We know how to bring about more peaceful communities with Green Dot DAWN, our bystander education program that engages each of us in the work of ending violence and creating safer communities.

Far too much violence is reported each day and it is time for us to rise up for peace — but we can’t do it alone. That is why we are asking for your support to build a training facility inside our new home in downtown Kent. The training facility will educate community groups and individuals who want to learn how they can help bring about more peaceful communities

The campaign, begun in February 2016 with the purchase of the new facility, totals $1,400,000. We have just $400,000 remaining to reach our goal and create this welcoming and game-changing facility.

For more information about how you can help complete the DAWN Center for Peaceful Communities Campaign, please contact the Development Director or Executive Director.

Your financial contribution to this project will ensure that DAWN is ready to welcome you, your neighbors, your employers, your community groups and your loved ones as we define together how best to bring peace to our homes and our neighborhoods.