Woman looking confidently into the cameraDawn: Rising up for domestic peace.

Since our inception as Domestic Abuse Women’s Network in 1980, DAWN has helped tens of thousands of women, children and men through a holistic support system that not only protects them in immediate crises but empowers us all to prevent violence and create respectful and safe communities. We are the only nonprofit organization in South King County that focuses all its resources and expertise solely on empowering survivors to be free of domestic violence today and on preventing violence from affecting our community for generations. Every person who turns to us for help finds safety, support and empowerment for building a better life. Everyone who believes in our cause finds a trustworthy partner and leader in working to end violence in our community.

No nonprofit understands the unique socioeconomic and cultural needs of victims of violence in South King County better than DAWN. We were born here, grew up here and are committed to continuing our work in this area of our county that lacks much of the resources and support afforded to Seattle and the Eastside. With the support of our donors and community, we save lives today and prevent violence from affecting countless others tomorrow.

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Our Mission

DAWN shelters and empowers survivors of domestic abuse in South King County and helps to keep us all safe by educating our community to respond to and prevent violence.

Our Vision

We envision a community that commits to the belief that violence is preventable and takes shared responsibility and united action to create a more peaceful place to live for us all.