Dawn’s staff

Peg Coleman, Executive Director, Dawn

Peg Coleman
Executive Director, Dawn

Peg Coleman, Executive Director

Peg believes in miracles. She sees them at Dawn every day. “I see those miracles in the smiles of children who were sullen and withdrawn and in the faces of women who are now safe and happy,” she says. “The survivors we serve teach me about courage and fortitude. If they can live through the abuse, if they have managed to keep their kids safe in the face of such trauma, then I can do the small things I’m called upon to do each day.” Before joining Dawn, Peg served as the executive director of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and of the South Peninsula Haven House in Homer Alaska where she championed the opening of three centers on the Kenai Peninsula to responds to child sexual assault. Peg also served as a member of the town council and mayor of Dennis Township, NJ. Peg also served as the associate director of Family Crisis Services in Portland Maine. Peg joined Dawn in 2014.